R&D projects can be hired at driven in which students from MSc or PhD programs can be involved or not, depending on the time frame required for the deliverables.
Although driven does not have laboratory, testing, prototype manufacturing or production equipment, with its strategic partners network, all members of CLAUT, it can offer the full product development cycle.

Areas of research:

  • Materials

    • Steel​

    • Plastics

    • Aluminum

    • Composites

  • Design

    • Multimaterials​

    • Components integration

    • Optimization

  • ​Vehicle dynamics​

  • Metal forming

    • Stamping & forming​

    • Forging

    • Machining

  • Industrial engineering

  • Materials joining and assembly

    • Welding​

    • Adhesives

  • 3D printing

  • Artificial vision

  • Artificial intelligence